Letterpressed, With Love: The Aerialist Press

A letterpress printing company brings love to the page.

Melanie Duerkopp Photography

While he researched medical schools, she logged hours in UC Berkeley’s libraries to finish her law degree. But these professions weren’t in the cards: He never made it to the MCAT, and she never took the bar exam.

Instead, Craig and Alexandra Rinde launched The Aerialist Press, which is now one of the premier letterpress invitation businesses in the East Bay. The couple have never looked back, and spend much of their time creating elegant hand-pressed invitations side by side.

We got the scoop on the best invitations from Alexandra at their Walnut Creek shop.




The Basics

“Letterpress is one of the oldest forms of printing, not dissimilar from Gutenberg’s original printing process. The hallmark of great letterpress is a soft paper and a crisp impression. It’s an old-school way of printing but modernized with Adobe InDesign software.”

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Aesthetic Appeal

“I’m all about subtle accents and neutral color palettes. For example, I like to keep an invitation classic, but dress it up by adding a beautiful ribbon or colorful envelope line. I like things that have a lot of texture that are fun to open and play with.”


Invite Advice

“Find a stationer, and trust him or her to guide you. Ask questions. We’re paper experts and [are] happy to fill in the gaps with our knowledge.”


On Trend

“A big trend this year has been foil and metallics. In terms of colors, blush, gold, and gray are popular at the moment. I’m hoping to see more soft-gray blues and greens in 2016.”


Timing Is Everything

“If you’re planning to send save the dates, come in to see us 10 months before the date, in order to send the cards six to eight months before the wedding. For invitations, visit us a couple months before the wedding so that the invites are ready to send six to eight weeks before the big day.”


Social Media Sleuth

“A lot of our couples find something they like on our Instagram and e-mail us about it. We use Instagram more than anything to connect with our clients.”


On Work and Love

“Separation of roles is key. We try to leave work at the door—not to bring it home with us and talk about it over dinner.”


Travel Inspiration

“My husband and I like to travel a lot. We were just in Portugal. I often pick up paper from the different places we visit.” theaerialistpress.com.